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Hi I'm Trish and I’d like to welcome you to
PK Virtual.

In 2020, I decided to think outside the box and turn what I love into a business of my own. I wanted to enjoy more time with my young family, whilst being able to work from anywhere (no more traffic jams).

Virtual Assistant Services

Is your business growing, but you are struggling to stay on top of all the administration, orders and enquiries that come in on a daily basis?  I am experienced and competent in Administration, Sales and Customer Service, and I can assist you by easing your workload burden!

We all know that recruitment agencies can be expensive, and often are out of reach of smaller businesses.  I can help!  With a solid background in recruitment and HR, I can assist with this important area of your business – from placing advertisements right through to screening, interviewing, and even on-boarding your new staff member!

Are you spinning around unsure of where you will land? Endless engagements, constant double bookings, your behind on advertising campaigns again and you're suffering from email burnout. I am the Social Rock Star you have been looking for!  I pitch and manage guest appearances, develop storyboards of your ideas for marketing, advertising and campaigns and efficiently screen and manage your emails.

The deadlines are always looming, and you can’t possibly add anything else to your overloaded list! Let me introduce myself. I'm your behind the scenes Superstar! I love cleaning up and organising the chaos that rules your world! I also wear multiple hats as an audio editor champion, transcriber guru, scheduling goddess, file management expert, automation genius and correspondence whiz!

Typing on a Laptop_edited.jpg
Typing on a Laptop_edited.jpg
"Trish has exceptional organisational and customer service skills.  Very outcome based."

Martin Cooper


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